A number of new projects in Fuzhou will use blockchain technology

On April 13, the reporter learned from the Standing Committee of the Fuzhou Municipal People's Congress that recently, the Municipal Big Data Development and Management Committee said that Fuzhou actively promotes the application of blockchain, and that the blockchain will be used in a number of new projects such as the dirt truck supervision platform. technology. In addition, in strengthening the supervision of the blockchain industry, formulating and improving relevant policies and regulations, Fuzhou has established a leading group for blockchain development work. The municipal government has also strengthened the investigation and clearing of virtual currency trading venues and initial token issuance, coordinated that financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions shall not conduct business related to token issuance financing transactions, and strengthened risk prevention. The reporter also learned that the municipal government has planned to establish a blockchain supervision sandbox in Binhai New City to further strengthen the blockchain industry supervision research.