Guizhou pushes for new digital infrastructure upgrades, supports and promotes the development of blockchain

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Big Data Bureau that in order to promote the upgrade of the province's new digital infrastructure, Guizhou has adopted 5G, key Internet facilities, data centers, industrial Internet, "one cloud, one network, one platform", digital village, Eight aspects of artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. are the grasping hands, which are combined punches. In terms of blockchain, Guizhou issued the Guizhou Provincial Action Plan for Hundred Enterprises in the New Field of Big Data, Guiyang Blockchain Development and Application White Paper, and Several Policy Measures to Support the Development and Application of Blockchain (Trial). Support and promote the development of blockchain in terms of policies and funds. The Software Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences established a "Blockchain Technology and Application Joint Laboratory" in Guiyang to explore the application of blockchain integration, and the self-developed blockchain platform "Share Chain" has a wide range of applications.