"Epic" fund CXC issued a new currency: claimed to be zero-cost mining, actually paid back in 19 years

Source: a block chain, Author: Ratchet

After half a year of silence, CXC, an "epic" fund, reproduced new actions.

A new fund with the same line was born. It's called AK.

"AK is coming, CXC is going to rise." Some leeks are eager to try, but they are harvested tragically-10 days after AK went online, the price of CXC was cut.

AK claims to be able to mine at zero cost. But the leeks were surprised to find that this cycle lasted as long as 19 years. To maximize returns, a large amount of CXC is also required. Step by step, step by step.

The so-called AK SGD is just a second harvest of the leek by the CXC team.

01 Soul Mining

"Next stop, continue to subvert." Recently, in many CXC player groups, a new project called AK has appeared, and it even slogans of subverting CXC.

CXC is one of the most well-known capital market projects in the currency circle in 2019. It emerged in July 2019. It was called "epic-level capital plate" because of the 10-level pulling mechanism and the annualized income of up to 6000%, but it is now "cool". (For details, see: "The history of CXC's demise in the history of the most bullish funds: the rebate is as high as 10 levels, and it has fallen by 85% now. ")

So why does AK have the confidence to subvert CXC's slogan?

The answer is simple: AK is another new project of the CXC team.

In October 2019, CXC launched a project called "Consensus Planet". Today, its currency price has fallen by 88% from its highest point.

In December 2019, CXC launched a new project "PHOTON Photonic Chain Chip", which packaged the ICO model into "PTO", and players used CXC to subscribe to projects on the platform. But some of the above items, even without white papers, are standard Sanwu products.

Investing in such a project can only be lost.

Now, CXC has built the AK harvesting machine.

AK is called "Antimatter Kingdom", and the Chinese name is "Antimatter Kingdom"-obviously, it also inherits the exaggerated style of CXC propaganda copywriting.

"AK's mission is to inject the original force into bitcoin and make the blockchain evolve." The AK white paper wrote.

The so-called "inject force into Bitcoin" refers to one of AK's issuance mechanisms-"BTC soul mining".

The AK white paper states: "People are looking forward to BTC for more, asking for more, and not contributing more." To this end, AK has launched a new mining mode based on Bitcoin: players only need to hold Bitcoin and interact with AK Sign the "soul contract" and transfer 0.001 BTC to the designated address, you can get AK every week.

"This is AK's biggest innovation." An AK player said, "Previously, the lap project required players to hit coins to the trader's account in order to get coins. And here in AK, players store coins in their hands, In terms of energy sources, AK is continuously obtained. Even if the project runs, BTC will not be lost. "

But is this really the case?

According to AK official data, there are currently 170,000 BTC in the entire network participating in "soul mining" and sharing the daily quota of 25,000 AK. Based on this calculation, each BTC can only dig out 0.14 AKs per day, worth only about 1 USD.

The AK white paper shows that every day, the entire network divides 25,000 AK

This means that in order to rely on "BTC soul mining", players need to wait 7000 days, which is 19 years.

In addition, to participate in "BTC soul mining", you need to invest 0.001 BTC (about 50 yuan) to sign the "soul contract", and every week thereafter, players also need to invest 0.001 BTC to renew.

"If you have less than 1 bitcoin in your account," soul mining "will not only make money but also lose money." Bai Yongnian, a CXC player, said.

In fact, the AK white paper pointed out that the total circulation of AK is 300 million, and 260 million is generated by mining. Of the 260 million AK, only 1% -10% comes from "BTC soul mining", accounting for 80% -98% of the total mining output, which is "AK Promise Mining".

This is AK's most important output model.

02 Promise Mining

What is "AK Promise Mining"?

It refers to the fact that players holding AK can get "promise power" and obtain daily dividends according to a complex algorithm.

"At present, the static monthly income of 'AK Promise Mining' is around 24%." AK tutor Liang Bin said.

Obviously, AK, like CXC, is a naked capital market.

To enable "AK Promise Mining", players need to invest in CXC. "The threshold is 30 CXC, which is more than 100 yuan." Liang Bin said, "The more CXC you invest, the more new people you invite, the more computing power you have."

The more CXC players put in, the higher the corresponding AK "Promise Mining Coefficient"

This is the core of AK mode. Players invest more AK, can get more income, but the rate of return will not change. If you want to increase the rate of return, one is to pull people, and the other is to invest more CXC.

The AK white paper shows that by investing 30 CXCs, a 50% mining factor can be obtained; by investing 50,000 CXCs, a 100% mining factor can be obtained, which is twice that of the former.

And these CXCs will "annihilate", that is, permanently lock positions.

It is not difficult to see that the emergence of AK can create more "demand" for CXC. Bai Yongnian, who calls himself "CXC old leek", took this point.

In 2019, he invested in CXC and finally cut the meat. In March of this year, he firmly believed that the emergence of AK would cause the price of CXC to rise and enter CXC again.

Unexpectedly, after the AK went online on April 1, the CXC currency price did not rise but fell, from 0.8 dollars at the beginning of the month to 0.4 dollars, directly cut.

Bai Yongnian suffered heavy losses. "Leek is more affectionate this time, the trader makes AK, just for shipment." He said.

Since April 1, AK has been listed on many exchanges such as BiKi and AOFEX. At present, the currency price of AK has been maintained at around US $ 7, which is relatively stable.

But analysts pointed out that AK obviously has the problem of brushing. Taking the BiKi exchange data as an example, the changes in AK's daily trading volume on April 11 and 12 are almost identical.

"The most interesting thing is that AK clearly listed the listing fee in the white paper-4000AK, which is equivalent to the market price of 200,000 yuan. The exchange listing fee at that time was frequently one million, and it has now been reduced to 200,000. It ’s really ironic. "

03Explore the sinking market?

"AK belongs to CXC, and develops independently. It is supported by the mother body and at the same time it continuously delivers growth power to the source ecology. AK merges with CXC to form a new financial model that marvels the global technology and finance experts, enough to be included in the history of civilization." AK The white paper is full of empty expressions.

For CXC, what is the meaning of AK?

"For CXC, the biggest meaning of AK is to activate the ground market of CXC and let more people join the CXC ecosystem through ground pushes." KOL, a currency circle, said in an audio sharing.

CXC's official documents also have similar statements. It believes that under normal circumstances, the fission motility of sinking markets is much higher than that of high net worth people. "The vast majority of CXC's current users come from high-net-worth individuals and have not yet entered the sinking markets of countries around the world. Once this part of the market is opened, it is when CXC's potential is truly released."

In 2019, Funbuy swept the rim with its powerful ground pushing ability, bringing a large number of new users to the entire rim. Now, will AK be the next fun step?

Some fund players are not optimistic about this.

"The capital market project is pushed forward only if the threshold is low." A Dong, a senior capital market player, told a blockchain that he had done GEC and fun step pushes. The effect of GEC was much worse than fun step.

"The reason is that GEC registration requires a hand-held ID card and a designated gesture; while Fun Step only requires facial recognition on the phone."

The threshold of AK is also extremely high: Registering an account requires a backup of mnemonic words, and to open Promise Mining, you must purchase CXC. The latter also requires players to go to the exchange to complete the operation of depositing, buying, and withdrawing fiat currency …

A Dong pointed out that in order to push forward the development of the capital market, in addition to the lower threshold, it is also necessary to design a model that allows "0" (the wool party that does not invest a penny), local tyrants (only invest not to pull people) and teams Leaders (only pulling people without investing) can make money.

But in AK's economic model, the payback period of “0 撸” is as high as 19 years. The team leader can only get profits when he invests more money in the offline. A Dong said, “It will be very tiring to do so.”

In August 2019, under the banner of the blockchain game, Bell Chain ran the road and incubated the new project Tepleton. Some old Bellchain players attempted to recover their losses on Tepleton, but were re-harvested. The latter's currency price was almost zero.

CXC players who want to rely on AK to make a comeback cannot escape the same fate.

In the circle, CXC traders have been notorious.

Before the opening, there was a lot of publicity, and after the opening, the market was never pulled, and the wave was cut away … I have seen countless players with black heart traders, and I feel bad about CXC's trading methods.

There is no doubt that AK, which is known as "carrying the future dream of CXC", will also repeat the story of CXC.

Perhaps the only lesson learned by speculators from history is that speculators will not learn anything from history.

* In this article, the interviewee is a pseudonym.