Zhao Dong: For the 850 million fund loophole, the US behavior is a bit like "underworld"

Recently, DGroup founder Zhao Dong accepted an interview with Babbitt and expressed his views on a series of recent issues. Regarding the accusations of the New York Attorney General's Office (NYAG) on Bitfinex and Tether, and the series of things that followed, Zhao Dong said: In a metaphor that may not be so appropriate, the US regulatory behavior is a bit like a "black society". The general feelings of everyone, because the rules are formulated by the United States, they can use these rules to selectively control others. In fact, Bitfinex does not serve Americans, but they also registered with FinCEN (US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) and informed all US regulators in advance. The United States first frozen their 850 million funds, and then Bitfinex decided The Tether credit was used to resolve this issue and was notified to US regulators in advance.