Diar founder: The encryption field won't overthrow the banking industry, but let people know about real asset ownership

Recently, Fadi Aboualfa, founder of Diar, a publisher of cryptocurrency weekly newspaper, said in an interview: "We are now in a parallel financial system. In any case, the encryption field will not overturn the banking industry. However, it has already sown a Seeds, let people understand the true ownership of assets, and the spirit of making people more accessible to financial markets, rather than what we see in banks and brokers today. So now many traditional companies have launched their own blocks. Chain projects, such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. A year ago, the word Defi didn't exist yet, but now it is a key point. Tomorrow, who knows how things will happen and in what direction. This field will continue to be an experiment. Go on until it is no longer considered an experiment."