SERO completed the first natural halving

On April 14, 2020 (at block height 3057600), SERO ushered in the first mining natural output halving. In the future, every four years, that is, every 8294400 blocks will complete a new halving. This time After halving, the maximum block reward will be reduced from 35.6 to 17.8.

The current maximum supply of SERO is about 650 million. The entire output cycle is 97 years. A hybrid consensus of PoW + PoS is adopted, and blocks are hashed by PoW. The block validity is determined by PoS voting. The POW and POS reward ratio is 1: 1. The size of the reward changes independently with the difficulty of mining. After this halving, its PoS mining revenue moving average 12-month annualized return is about 10-11%. As of this halving of the block height, the total circulation of SERO is about 250 million.

SERO is a new generation of privacy public chain. The core value is that it can issue privacy-protected assets and support rich asset data expression forms. It is called the privacy-protected version of Ethereum. SERO has received early investment from Capital, Quantum Foundation, and former IDG partner Zhang Suyang.