OKEx investment research: rebound high gradually down, the support strength of $ 6500 may affect the short-term pattern

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European market, BTC temporarily reported $ 6865.3 (-1.49%). OKB temporarily reported $ 4.64 (-2.09%). Yesterday, BTC experienced an extreme trend again in a short period of time. The price of the currency first dropped to $ 6,600 within two hours, then rebounded and slowly rose to $ 6,900 under pressure. It is now in a short-term consolidation. OKEx analyst Neo believes that as the hourly trend gradually narrows, long and short trading is light, under this pattern of low transaction volume, the joint efforts of retail investors can affect the short-term trend, and the behavior of the main funds has also begun. It becomes difficult to detect, so the repeated fluctuations in the currency price are the entry and exit of short-term traders, as well as the main process of collecting chips. Judging from the 1-hour trend, this morning's rebound failed several times to test the resistance of $ 6,900, and it ended in an inverted hammer form an hour ago. To a certain extent, it once again confirmed the unsustainable nature of the current rebound. Before the failure, the trend may continue to fluctuate repeatedly in the range of 6,500 to 7,000 US dollars. Investors should note that there may be an extreme situation where the currency price instantaneously breaks 7,000 US dollars or 7100 US dollars, but then the growth rate is greatly taken. Best strategy. Risk warning: There are risks in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.