China Mutual Gold Association Blockchain Report: Beware of the technical dependence on foreign open source programs

On April 14, the China Internet Finance Association Blockchain Research Working Group released the "China Blockchain Financial Application and Development Research Report (2020)". The "Report" believes that global blockchain technology is accelerating and maturing, and the application exploration in the financial field is increasing day by day. The financial management departments of major countries have a relatively positive attitude towards the application of blockchain technology in the financial field. In China, the financial scenarios and application logic of the blockchain technology are relatively clear, but there are still risks in the application of the financial field: 1. The technical level is still difficult to take into account the security, function and performance requirements of some financial scenarios. 2. At the governance level, it is necessary to further improve relevant arrangements such as supervision, standards, and talents. It is mentioned that the widespread application of foreign open source programs may lead to technology dependence risks, and related parties of open source services such as code hosting platforms also need to comply with the laws and regulations of relevant jurisdictions such as the place of registration. Policy risk. 3. There is still a vague area at the business level and there is a lack of authoritative third-party assessment for application innovation. The "Report" suggests that at the level of policy supervision, it is necessary to strengthen research tracking and establish regulations to promote compliance; at the level of industry organizations, it is necessary to build platforms and bridges and study standards cohesion; at the level of practitioners, it is necessary to explore core technologies and grasp application promotion scenarios.