Bitfinex and Tether respond to the Office of the Attorney General in New York: no ongoing fraud and no victims

In a paper submitted on May 5th, Bitfinex and Tether's parent company, iFinex, responded to the New York Attorney General's Office (NYAG) by saying "because it is based on incomplete or incorrect facts and errors. Standard published." Bitfinex and Tether believe that “there is no ongoing fraud and no 'victims' need to take mandatory remedies to protect them.” The document also stated that NYAG first needed to lay the foundation for its authority to “regulate this area”. . iFinex also pointed out that NYAG misused the term "investors" when it came to Bitfinex and Tether customers. These customers are not investors, and "they have no right to disclose information like investors." In addition, the company said, “Despite this operation, Tether is still trading today.”