Minister of Science and Technology: Strengthen legislative research in the field of blockchain

On April 15, Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology and Secretary of the Party Group, published a signed article "Strengthening Independent Innovation and Strengthening Science and Technology Security to Provide Strong Technology Support for Maintaining and Shaping National Security" in the People's Daily. The article stated that the rapid development of science and technology poses new challenges to technological security. Among them, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, etc. have brought great challenges to information security, network security, and financial security. The misuse and abuse of technology pose a potential threat to social public interests and national security. The government and social governance are facing new challenge. The article proposes to strengthen the construction of scientific and technological safety laws and regulations. This includes strengthening legislation research in emerging areas such as unmanned driving and blockchain, actively promoting international dialogue on security risk management and control in technology areas of common concern, and participating in and guiding the formulation of relevant global governance rules.