DeFi project locks up to 685 million US dollars, EOSREX only 5 days on the line accounted for 39.23%

According to DAppTotal data, up to now, 16 DeFi projects have counted a total of 685 million US dollars, of which MakerDao locks 328 million US dollars, accounting for 47.99%; EOSREX locks 268 million US dollars, accounting for 39.23%. In the past week, the EOS resource leasing platform REX has grown rapidly. It only attracted 268 million U.S. dollars in only 5 days, accounting for 6% of the total market value of EOS circulation. Its market share of lock-in value has further exceeded MakerDao's potential. Overall, the total lock-in funds of the DeFi project in the past week increased by 71.78%.