Prysmatic Labs releases ETH 2.0 mainnet configuration testnet

On April 15, Ethereum 2.0 construction team Prysmatic Labs released Ethereum 2.0 mainnet configuration test network Topaz. According to the official introduction, the Topaz testnet is the only complete ETH 2.0 mainnet configuration testnet; implements a 32 ETH deposit verification mechanism (verifiers must place all 32 ETH on the Goerli ETH1 testnet to participate in verification); in addition, Prysmatic Labs Officials said that the Sapphire validator will be closed at 8:00 on April 16, Beijing time, and Topaz founding deposits will be opened, and a large-scale sending transaction will be opened. The test network has been started. In this regard, Vitalik reminded on Twitter that Topaz is not yet a "multi-client testnet", and the official will soon restart the testnet once or twice in order to test the founding mechanism more.