Central Bank: Unswervingly promote the application of cryptography in the financial sector

The official public account of the People ’s Bank of China published the article "Learning the Password Law to Strengthen the Security Line" on April 15th, emphasizing the important core competitiveness of the country in the financial room. Password is to ensure the security of the financial network, promote financial communication, strengthen financial supervision, and support finance. Key technologies and effective ways of innovation. Passwords are widely used in the financial field, such as "digital signature" escort credit card consumption, commercial passwords help online bank transfers. 2020 is the first year of implementation of the "People's Republic of China Cryptography Law" and the 90th anniversary of the creation of cryptography. The People's Bank of China put forward six requirements: 1. Improve the position and firmly implement it: unswervingly promote the application of cryptography in the financial field and implement various deployments; 2. Planning leads strategic integration: strengthen top-level design, communication and coordination, and form guidance The development plan of cryptographic application; 3. Adapt to the situation and drive innovation: adhere to the problem-oriented, promote the integration of innovation chain, industrial chain and value chain, implement the cryptographic priority development strategy; 4. Comprehensive promotion of classified policies: build a cryptographic support system for financial infrastructure, Expand the application of passwords in the financial sector; 5. Strengthen evaluation according to law management: strengthen the formulation of policies and standards for password applications in the financial industry, and do a good job in evaluating password application security; Network password protection system in the financial sector.