Bao Xinjiang, Director of Qingdao Federation of Industry and Commerce: Blockchain can provide important support for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and the development of digital economy

On the afternoon of April 14, 2020, the Qingdao Blockchain Industry Development Symposium was successfully held. Bao Xinjiang, director of the Qingdao Federation of Industry and Commerce, said that blockchain technology, as a new generation of information technology with the same status as 5G, big data and artificial intelligence, can be integrated into various fields, providing new and old kinetic energy conversion and digital economic development in Qingdao. Important support. Bao Xinjiang also said that the Qingdao municipal government has high expectations for the development of blockchain technology and enterprises. While vigorously promoting the development of blockchain, it needs to respond to market demand and guide the innovation of the blockchain industry in order to truly promote enterprises to benefit .