BTC is blocked again around 7000 USD, shocked and accompanied by a slow down or the main trend in the near future

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the beginning of the European market, BTC temporarily reported 6874.1 US dollars (0.47%).

OKB temporarily reported $ 4.671 (0.24%). Yesterday, the small-level rebound of BTC failed again when testing the resistance range of 6900 ~ 7000 US dollars. The currency price fell to 6800 US dollars only after a short stay of 6990 US dollars. The daily test continues to test the possibility of resistance above. OKEx analyst Neo believes that the current 1-hour trend is under pressure at the key resistance level of $ 7,000, or is the top of this level of rebound, and continues to look for support in the direction of $ 6500 or a high probability event. However, investors need to pay attention to Although 6500 ~ 7000 US dollars may be the upper and lower edges of the currency price activity this week, small-level fluctuations may at any time make the currency price break above 7000 US dollars or fall below 6500 US dollars, but from the recent low volume of transactions Regardless of the direction, the probability of an effective breakthrough in the trend is low. Only when the volatility of the currency price matches the trading volume, the breakthrough is powerful and can continue.