Huobi destroyed 4.835 million HT in March, and the number of Q1 destruction increased by 102.4% year-on-year

On April 15th, Huobi Global released the HT Operation Monthly Report for March 2020. The monthly report shows that the overall transaction volume of Huobi Global (coins + contracts) in the first quarter of 2020 increased by 78% compared with the fourth quarter of 2019. In March, Huobi destroyed a total of 4.8355 million HT, an increase of 14.7% from February. In the first quarter of 2020, Huobi's revenue destroyed 13.1063 million HTs, an increase of 102.4% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2019, and an increase of 62.6% quarter-on-quarter. As of April 15th, the total circulation of HT was 23261114 thousand. The deflation rate of HT in circulation in March was 1.54%. If the average number of destructions in the first quarter is the annual average, it is expected that the amount of HT income destruction in 2020 will reach 52.425 million, and the annual circulation deflation rate will reach 16.68%.