Jimmy Song: The American people will pay a high price for the $ 1200 cheque issued by the government

According to U.Today, Bitcoin core developer Jimmy Song recently said that US citizens will have to pay a high price for the stimulating checks promised by US President Trump and the Federal Reserve. Song wrote in a recent tweet that the $ 1200 monthly check issued by the US government will eventually become a "payday loan" because after the Fed stopped pouring trillions of dollars into the economy, various places Prices will rise. Song said people who will receive stimulating checks will need far more than the value of those checks. He also reminded the community that Bitcoin is the only honest currency. Note: The US Senate voted overnight on March 25 local time to pass the second round of the $ 2 trillion emergency economic rescue plan, which will be the largest rescue plan in US history. The bill shows that according to the tax return of the filer in 2019 and the information in 2018 (if there is no tax return), an adult with an annual income of less than US $ 75,000 will be issued a cash check of US $ 1200 per person and US $ 500 per child ; Annual income is higher than 75,000 US dollars, for every additional 100 dollars of income, the check amount is reduced by 5 dollars; annual income is higher than 99,000 US dollars, no cash cheque will be obtained.