Viewpoint: Because halving BTC affects most investors or will keep their assets away from exchanges

On April 12, the number of deposits on the Bitcoin exchange reached its lowest point since August 2016. Recently, there has been a trend for Bitcoin holders to transfer their assets from exchanges, some of which have been particularly hard hit. For example, the number of bitcoins held by BitMex and Bitfinex has declined significantly in the past few weeks. However, although bitcoin's overall holdings on exchanges have declined, it has not experienced a historical setback as the number of bitcoins transferred to exchanges. The current level is equivalent to mid-2019. The current level is equivalent to mid-2019. Another reason is that although the number of transfers to the exchange has been greatly reduced, the inflow of bitcoin into the exchange has remained at a high level, which indicates that the average size of bitcoin deposits has increased. Since it is widely expected that the upcoming halving of Bitcoin block rewards will have an impact on prices, it seems unlikely that this latest trend will be quickly reversed in the short term. Therefore, most traders and investors may want to keep their assets away from exchanges for better custody.