Guangdong Start-up Industry Science and Technology Commissioner Special Program, Using Big Data, Blockchain and Other Technologies to Match Enterprise Needs

According to, on April 15, the reform and innovation version of the Guangdong Enterprise Science and Technology Commissioner's Special Plan was officially launched, and the Guangdong Enterprise Science and Technology Commissioner's precise docking platform has also been launched. Li Kui, deputy general manager of the South China Technology Transfer Center, introduced that with the use of new technologies such as big data and blockchain, the official platform of the company's science and technology commissioners can not only collect the technical challenges of enterprises in various industries in real time, but also can condensed the technical needs The list is pushed to experts who meet the technical requirements, so as to complete the intelligent matching and efficient docking of the technical supply and demand sides, provide a comprehensive, one-stop, and one-stop service, and quickly realize the closed loop of the company's technology mission.