Come here and find business scenarios! Babbitt launches industrial blockchain docking platform today

What are the biggest pain points for blockchain companies?

It's because you can't find a nail with a hammer-only technology, but no business scene.

On April 16, the Babbitt Industrial Blockchain docking platform was officially launched. This is the first domestic industrial blockchain docking platform ( ). Service requirements, tender information, service providers and solutions. At the same time, this is also a "show window" for local governments and industrial parks-the platform will immediately release the blockchain industry policies and interpretations issued by various localities, industrial park investment promotion trends and government procurement information.

Industrial blockchain docking platform

With the promotion of blockchain to the national strategy last year and the recent inclusion of data in production factors, industrial blockchain has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. The governments of various regions have supported the development of blockchain unprecedentedly, and a large number of blockchain technology companies have risen rapidly. The exploration of blockchain in the fields of digital finance, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, commodity traceability, social governance, and justice is in full swing. A number of applications have landed, and the development of industrial blockchain has begun to take shape.

It is against this background that we judged that the main contradiction in the application of blockchain has shifted from technical immaturity to the contradiction between the growing market demand and the opaque and opaque information communication .

This contradiction directly restricts the scale of the blockchain and hinders the process of enterprise digital transformation and government digital governance.

Babbitt launched the industry blockchain docking platform, which is committed to becoming a "bridge" to break the information gap.

The platform is divided into popular service providers display, public procurement information, technical solutions, policy compilation, information and other sections.

FunChain, Yunxiang, Heyue Technology, Xita Technology, Trust, Bystack, Pure White Matrix, 33 Complex Beauty, German Fangzhi Chain, Taiyiyun, Yuchain Technology, Conflux, Jindo Blockchain, White Bird Technology and other leaders Of blockchain technology service providers have already taken the lead.

These service providers have been carefully selected by the platform, with sufficient R & D, production, scheme design and after-sales service capabilities, and their actual combat capabilities are outstanding . For example, FunChain Technology just won the bid of China Mobile Group China Mobile Online Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Mobile Online") "Online Service Company Blockchain Platform Construction and Application Enabling Project". Treasury Deposit and Clearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Central Clearing Company) “Credit Asset Registration and Circulation Blockchain Project”, Heyue Technology participated in the construction of Baowu Group ’s blockchain supply chain financial platform. Technology provider.

The public procurement information gathers the bidding information of the local governments involved in the blockchain, and pushes it to the settled enterprises at the first time to grasp every business opportunity.

The technical solution demonstrates the landing capabilities of settled service providers in various scenarios such as fintech, e-government, traceability, and charity, so that the demand side can quickly find a suitable blockchain technology provider based on the classification.

The policy compilation includes the latest blockchain industry policy documents and interpretations issued by government departments across the country, and is the first window for obtaining blockchain industry policies.

The information section 7 * 24 hours rolling broadcast of blockchain application progress, government dynamics, policy releases, investment cooperation and other industrial blockchain developments across the country, for policy makers, blockchain technology providers, and blockchain technology demanders Provide the most timely and comprehensive industrial blockchain information.

If you are a government or an enterprise that intends to introduce blockchain technology, you can quickly obtain solutions for blockchain services on the platform and select high-quality service providers. The process will be more transparent and more convenient.

If you are a blockchain technology service provider, this is a platform that can publicly "show muscle". Throw away the projects, solutions and achievements you have done in the past. Here is the top flow of the industrial blockchain. You are responsible for "Show muscles", let's match, let excellent technology find the matching needs.

For blockchain companies and talents, they can learn about the local blockchain policies through the platform and get a green channel for contact.

In short, this is a supply and demand platform and a platform for displaying the results of blockchain applications. We strive to break through the many pain points in the industry such as individual battles, giant monopoly, opaque bidding, high communication costs, etc. Being able to stand in the center of the stage allows more application scenarios to get out of the laboratory . Of course, this is only the first step in our grand plan. We still have a lot of ideas, and we look forward to working with you to draw a good blueprint together in the future so that the blockchain can benefit the better life of mankind.

Why is Babbitt?

Babbitt is the earliest and most influential blockchain content platform established in China. Founded in 2011, it has now developed into a leading domestic blockchain information service provider and technology service provider. As of now, Babbitt has developed into a comprehensive blockchain service platform for media information, technical services, large-scale exhibitions, industrial training, and park operations. It is also the only ecosystem in the industry that can link thousands of blockchains and digital economy companies. Type platform .

The industrial blockchain is in the ascendant, join the Babbitt blockchain industry docking platform, and explore the infinite possibilities.

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