Sheknows Live | Shanghai Gaojin Hu Jie: Currently 95% of currency forms are digital, DC / EP and Alipay experience are similar

At noon today, the Sheknows live room ushered in a DC / EP session. Hu Jie, a professor of practice at the Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance at Shanghai Jiaotong University, said in the live broadcast that at present, 95% of the currency form is digital. Banknotes are more portable compared to bank cards and Alipay's experience. CBDC researcher and Babbitt columnist "Clear Air" added that DC / EP is also very similar to Alipay in wallet management and account management, and even payment collection, but the main feature of DC / EP is that it has With unlimited legal compensation, Alipay and online banking cannot be compared with DC / EP in terms of legal status. In addition, DC / EP is not just a new payment technology, it will bring about changes in the payment market. Click the live link: