Live | Ant Blockchain "Open Alliance Chain" officially released today

At 14:00 on April 16th, the Ant Blockchain "Open Alliance Chain" was released for small and medium-sized enterprises and developers, helping all people enter the chain. Jin Ge, general manager of the Ant Blockchain Platform Product Department, pointed out at the meeting that the open alliance chain provides five advantages. At the business level, the public cloud licensing method is used, and the threshold is low and convenient; for ecological services, the development capabilities of the industry alliance chain are introduced into the open alliance chain; in terms of performance, high-performance, low-cost networks are provided and free versions are provided , Professional edition and enterprise edition services; open tool level, introduce the development tools and smart contracts that were previously provided to large customers into the alliance chain; finally, we will gradually gradually provide digital identities and cross-chain technologies for large enterprises. To the open alliance chain, provide small and medium customers with access to the ant industry alliance chain, and promote the prosperity and development of the open alliance chain. See the original link for more details. Live link: