Chain node AMACoinMarketCap interim CEO reveals the secret behind Binance's acquisition of CMC

On the evening of April 2, the crypto exchange Binance officially announced the acquisition of the cryptocurrency market data website CoinMarketCap (CMC). Subsequently, BrandMarket Chez, founder of CoinMarketCap, also published a blog post on the CMC official website today, announcing that he will step down as CEO, and that the current chief strategy officer Carylyne Chan will serve as interim CEO.

What is the deep meaning behind Binance's move to spend huge sums of money to acquire market sites? As a quote website, CMC was acquired by the head exchange, how to maintain data neutrality? What changes will happen to CMC's business model in the future?

At 3 pm on April 16, CoinMarketCap interim CEO Carylyne Chan was the guest chain node AMA. Welcome to watch & ask