More than half of the BCH transactions in the past month were completed by the same address

According to Cointelegraph, Twitter user @IamNomad said in a tweet published on May 5 that more than half of Bitcoin cash (BCH) transactions were completed by one address in the past month. According to the data of the Bitcoin cash block browser, since April 8 this year, this mysterious account has carried out more than 587,000 transactions. Many transactions contain only a very small amount of BCH, and they are performed on a regular basis, with three to four new transactions per second. As of press time, the address received a total of US$22,763.06 (80.981 BCH) and US$21,546 (76.654 BCH) and the balance of US$1,216.36 (4.327 BCH). Some commented that the frequency of transactions may indicate that someone is trying to increase the number of transactions; another theory is that developers are conducting some kind of stress test.