Bitfinex: Users have taken out more than $300 million in BTC and ETH since the ban was issued by the Attorney General's Office in New York

Coindesk quoted a recently published document saying that on May 5th, many of Bitmillx's lawyers on the cryptocurrency exchange listed a number of reasons to prove that the preliminary injunction grounds of the court at the end of last month of the New York State Attorney General's Office should be revoked or modified. The mention of the ban would cause great confusion to Bitfinex and USDT issuer Tether, ultimately damaging all cryptocurrency market participants that the New York State Attorney General should represent. According to the document, since the release of the ban, Bitfinex customers have taken at least 30,000 bitcoins (BTC) and 1 million Ethereum (ETH), with a total market capitalization of more than $340 million, which has had a "very large" impact on the exchange. Within one hour of the release of the ban on April 24, the total market value of dozens of cryptocurrencies evaporated by $10 billion.