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We often see information on changes in bitcoin computing power in media reports in the industry. For example, from May 17 to the end of August, bitcoin computing power is growing rapidly; from September 18 to December 18, bit The overall calculation of the currency is declining; from the beginning of this year, the calculation power has begun to rise again.

In last week's article, Dabai introduced "What is 51% of the power attack" . For the cryptocurrency using the PoW consensus mechanism , the miner masters the computing power of the blockchain by more than 50%, and can do evil: double-flowering, suppressing certain addresses to send/receive tokens, and so on.

Therefore, the size and distribution of the computing power of the whole network plays a very important role in the security of the cryptocurrency of the PoW consensus mechanism. If the power is monopolized by several giants, it is easy to have a 51% power attack.

In the information about Bitcoin computing power, we often see " EH/S ", " P H /S ", " TH/S " and other units. What does it mean?

In "A classic story, let you learn Bitcoin mining in 3 minutes" , Dabai introduced to everyone that "digging" bitcoin is actually doing a hash operation on the six "Dragon Balls" in the block header. Greek value. “H/S” represents how many hashes the mine can do in one second:

Therefore, if we see that the calculation power is "50EH/S", it means that the calculation power is 5 times 10 and the 19th power (19 0s).

Currently, many blockchain browsers provide real-time power queries. According to the data on the website, the total network computing power of Bitcoin on May 4 is 48,003,251TH/S , which is about 48EH/S (18 0s).

In April this year, the latest generation of mining machine launched by Bitland , the ant mining machine S17 Pro, is said to have a computing power of up to 53TH/S in standard mode. If Dabai wants to launch a 51% power attack on Bitcoin by purchasing the Ant Mine Machine S17 Pro, Dabai needs to purchase at least 905,722 mining machines to reach the existing Bitcoin network computing power.

After reading the above data, do you think that it is cost-effective to buy a mining machine to launch a 51% calculation? why? Welcome to tell Dabai in the message area.



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