Does Buffett still have enough bitcoin?

Does Buffett still have enough bitcoin?

The above is all the opinions expressed by investment legend Warren Buffett on Bitcoin. In addition, its partner Charlie Munger even said that he hates cryptocurrencies more than Buffett, that bitcoin is nonsense, trading bitcoin is immoral, and so on…

As a traditional investor, Buffett is not optimistic about emerging assets such as Bitcoin. He even started investing in Amazon in the past two years. He also publicly admitted that he did not buy when Amazon’s stock price was $50. Too stupid.

However, starting in 2017, he changed the way to bitcoin. The rise in currency prices has caused mainstream media to start paying attention to Bitcoin. One of the reasons is that when he was repeatedly asked about Bitcoin, he could admit that he did not understand or was not interested, but chose a more radical approach as a response. .

Was Buffett licking Bitcoin? The community is gradually indifferent

Buffett’s approach has indeed attracted a lot of attention, but the cryptocurrency community has become increasingly indifferent. Referring to JPMorgan CEO's "heart journey" – from bitcoin fraud to me regret commenting on bitcoin – the future of Buffett's high probability will not talk about bitcoin.

Does Buffett still have enough bitcoin?

Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano believes that Buffett is afraid of bitcoin.

It (Bitcoin) will subvert the entire system, and it is the existing system that has allowed him to create one of the greatest wealth ever. However, every great empire will decline, and Bitcoin will give many people the wealth level that Buffett envied.

In addition to supporting Bitcoin, more people believe that the “conflict” between Buffett and Bitcoin actually represents a conflict between traditional industries and emerging assets.

Does Buffett still have enough bitcoin?

Netizen CryptoKay showed off Buffett’s investment in financial institutions as of the end of 2017:

Wells Fargo, $29.28 billion; Bank of America, $20.66 billion; American Express, $15.06 billion. He has a $65 billion reason to spread Bitcoin FUD (worry, uncertainty, suspicion) to protect his assets. Leave him alone and buy bitcoin.

In the view of traditional financial institutions such as banks, Bitcoin is synonymous with risk and subversion, and their denial of cryptocurrency is expected.

We need a rational discussion, not a meaningless accusation

Does Buffett still have enough bitcoin?

(Users sorted Buffett investment ratio, source: Twitter)
It can be seen from Buffett's investment ratio that he barely touches emerging assets. He does not recognize cryptocurrencies, largely because he does not understand. In the traditional investment field, Buffett is a well-deserved investment legend, and he has no authority in investing in emerging assets such as cryptocurrency.

In the face of something that you don't understand, you can be blunt, uninterested, or choose to study and understand on your own. I believe that in most fields, most people accept rational discussions. For meaningless accusations, you can choose to ignore them or use actions to prove that the other's remarks are wrong.

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