Is it still possible to buy Bitcoin now?

Is it still possible to buy Bitcoin now?

For outsiders, the most common question they ask is: Is it too late for me to buy bitcoin? From a long history, it is not too late to buy bitcoin at any time. In addition, the price of Bitcoin will return to $20,000 over time.

As an investment, its historical accumulation has been long enough. However, the situation in this industry and investors is very different now.

Bitcoin will not promise to return to $20,000 immediately, and the price of a bitcoin is still high. New investors tend to be afraid of delays because they think they won't get like those bought before the bull market. The return on investment of investors, and the big bull market accelerated the rise of Bitcoin a year ago.

How to answer this question if you can't buy it? We all know that as an investor, when new people start to invest, it will bring us a lot of benefits. why? This allows new funds to enter the market, driving prices up, and new funds will have a positive impact. Like any product, the more people who buy it, the higher the final value of the product, right? So, when we answer this question, we don't want to fool people's purchases by saying "yes" and then be responsible for the bitcoin price drop, which makes us look bad.

The correct answer is that they decide not to buy it. If they think it is too late to buy now, they should not buy it. However, if they think Bitcoin has a bright future, then ask them what prevented them from buying Bitcoin? The problem is to encourage them to continue their research.

With regard to our experience in Bitcoin, we can only share so much information, so the best option for newcomers is to learn more by themselves. By educating yourself, your friends and those who ask this question, at least give yourself an opportunity to make money from their bitcoin investments, whether it's a bull market or a bear market. (Dollar ring Ming brother)