Sponge chain HAIMIAN for the first time to help TopBtc trading platform

On May 7th, the sponge chain HAIMIAN will be launched on May 8th, 2019 on the Topbtc platform through ETH. The sponge chain HAIMIAN is an ETH-based smart contract platform for the global logistics industry. HAIM is a cutting-edge distributed ledger technology that balances the impossible triangle of traditional blockchain systems—decentralization, security, and scalability. HAIM can provide the ultimate solution and will be in a fast-growing global world. The logistics market is standardized, contracted and standardized, so that the blockchain can be practically applied in the fields of Internet of Things, smart payment, knowledge quiz, and digital asset trading. As the first “Topping” program of TopBtc Exchange, HAIM participated in the snap-up and attracted strong attention from investors. After the platform side and the project side have deep communication, the restriction rules are set. The single ID day limit is 2ETH (1ETH: 10000HAIM), and the total limit of a single ID is 20ETH. Snack website: https://topbtc.one/ Customer service WeChat: hiamianbabashuo Time: 2019/5/8-2019/5/17 For details, please refer to the website announcement.