MakerDao governance contract has security risks, and still $10 million in MKR assets have not been transferred

This morning, blockchain company Zeppelin announced that the third-party open source inventory referenced by the governance contract in MakerDAO is in a security loop, which will directly affect the operation of MakerDao's overall governance system. After receiving the notice, Maker has fixed the vulnerabilities in time and stated that the MKR tokens pledged in the Maker governance contract are not dangerous, but it is still recommended that the tokens in about 190 addresses be transferred out of the contract as soon as possible. Peckshield researchers followed up and found that after the security bulletin at 00:25 am Beijing time, as of 08:00, 86 users had transferred MKR assets to their personal wallets as suggested, but there were 118 users. Not transferred. At the MKR price of the day, the balance assets to be transferred are valued at approximately $10 million. Jeff Liu, head of PeckShield's Silicon Valley R&D Center, said the DeFi App smart contract manages a large number of financial assets and its security is critical.