Moscow Student Union plans to test blockchain electronic voting in June

The Moscow authorities are planning to experiment with blockchain-based electronic voting in the University Student Union elections in late June 2019 to establish the next possible method for the mayoral election in the city. The project will be tested with the support of the Ministry of Information Technology (DIT) of Moscow and the Moscow Municipal Election Commission (Mosgorizbirkom). Artem Kostyrko, deputy director of DIT, revealed that the technical specifications of the pilot project will be submitted to Mosgorizbirkom for approval in mid-May; once the necessary legislation is passed, the committee approves the specification and DIT will open the project publicly. The Moscow City Council first submitted a bill to use blockchains in an electronic voting system in February this year. In late April, the Russian State Duma passed the bill on first reading, allowing the Moscow Duma to conduct such electronic voting in the September 8 election. The Moscow City Duma plans to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) to protect the process and results of electronic voting.