ETH is a mess, can the shorts organize the offense?

Seeing the current market ups and downs, I suddenly want to talk about some thoughts. First, the choice is that the choices of the old people are more than the hard work, and the quick 30 is suddenly awakened. The industry choice determines your growth speed, and luck determines the height of your achievement. Expand talk about luck). At present, the digital currency mining industry such as Bitcoin is not subject to the public's understanding of emerging industries. Talents are extremely scarce and naturally generate a premium. You can pay more attention to the blockchain industry. Even if the bear market, the overall salary is higher than the Internet industry. The second is risk. Making money is essentially risk-making money. Higher return on income must bear higher risks. This is not to encourage risk, but to have a clear and objective risk perception. Naturally, foreign countries, high-altitude operations. The salary of the water ghosts and mercenaries is very high. The third is the opportunity cost. Mankiw's "Principles of Economics" is defined as: the cost of a thing is to give up the things that he gave up, that is, the opportunity cost. This theory is very suitable for major decisions in life. For example, many people care about whether to go north. It's a very simple choice to calculate the maximum value of what you get and lose, and choose the one that gets far more than the value of giving up, that is, the least opportunity cost is the most correct choice.


BTC continued to oscillate, and the target once again stood at a pressure of $5,700. However, we saw that the recent trend of the target showed a trend of lowering the high point. At the time-sharing level, the volume of trading was gradually shrinking. Look, the target may be a triangle in the short term, focusing on where the direction of the breakthrough is. The BTC's light was temporarily covered by ETH. BTC is currently operating along the downward pressure line. Observe whether the target can break through the downward pressure line by ETH's pull and re-test the high of $5,191. It is unlikely that you will stand on the $6,000 directly. It will be repeated and turbulent at this point. It is still necessary to pay attention to the impact of trade wars on global capital markets, which is a huge uncertainty.


CFTC insiders: The regulator is preparing to approve Ethereum futures. As a result of this news, Ethereum has soared 6%. Our ETH has ushered in a key change K line, as long as no one comes out to blame, no matter what the news is. False, ETH will have a decent rise. From the daily line level, the volume and price of the ETH's Zhongyang line are ideal. The daily-level macd indicator is on the zero-axis, the gold fork, the 5-day and the 10-day average line, and the moving average system will soon be Forming a long position, the offensive intention is obvious, the first target is around $185.


After the BTC pulls to the intensive transaction, it will start to be trimmed. Next, it may be a decent rise of ETH. So, will there be a wave of independent pull-ups for XRP? At present, we have not seen such signs. For this target, we still recommend that everyone wait and see. After all, the target does not have an important pressure of 0.32 US dollars. If it is online for a long time, it will continue to fall, creating a new low. If the words fall, the space is open.


BCH is still in the flag-like finishing structure. At present, there is a support of 285 US dollars below. If the target can break the shackles of the upper rail, the probability will test the high point of 346.5 US dollars. Pay attention to the defense and fall below the support of 285 US dollars. Will return to the support of the lower rail.


LTC once again stood back to the pressure of 75 US dollars, is currently facing the pressure of the 30-day line, the current round of high probability will rise to around 85 US dollars, pay attention to good defense, below the 75 US dollar support is the second bottom.


The second bottom of EOS ended, and did not hit a new low. The target's trend is still strong. It will stand back to $4.8 again, and the next target is at $5.2. This position is the neckline of the head and shoulders. It is expected that The pressure level at the point will be very strong, but it is recommended to throw high at this point.


BNB's performance is not good. In the structure of triangular arrangement, the funds have signs of fleeing. The daily-level macd indicator is running downwards. If it falls below the support level of US$21.5, it should leave the market and see if it breaks the downward pressure line. The pressure of 25.5 US dollars has signs of doing the head. After all, the increase of the target is indeed a bit large, and the model currency is basically coming to an end, so the target loses the momentum to continue the overshoot.


TRX walks a bit like a circular arc. The neckline of the arc is at $0.025. It can effectively break through this point before the long line of defense is around 0.0217. The tendency to break through the point is not. Will go down to a low of $0.017.

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