Rekind the Bitcoin community! After five years of formal return, Bitcoin 2019 explores Bitcoin for the next 10 years.

From June 25th to June 26th, the Bitcoin 2019 Summit will officially return to SVN in San Francisco, USA. This year's summit will be hosted by BTC Inc., affiliated with Bitcoin Magazine, LTB Network, Distributed, yBitcoin and, and will officially return after the Bitcoin 2013 and Bitcoin 2014 summits! As a partner of Bitcoin 2019, Babbitt will support the summit, sponsorship and cooperation:


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Bitcoin 2013 and Bitcoin 2014 were the early adopters of bitcoin to share the enthusiasm for bitcoin, technology development and future vision exchange and sharing platform, creating a consensus environment for everyone to work together for the development and future of Bitcoin. . After five years, Bitcoin 2019 will return to the capital of knowledge innovation – San Francisco, USA.

The summit invited 50+ speakers and more than 2,000 guests from more than 30 countries and regions to bring together the world's largest miners and the most active core developers. This will be an annual gathering of old friends in the Bitcoin community, and everyone will rethink around the core values ​​of digital currency: “Why is this technology so important?”

Ten years ago, Bitcoin was still unattended, and it was only a new type of cryptocurrency that was circulated among enthusiasts. It was almost worthless in the eyes of ordinary people, and no merchants were willing to accept bitcoin payments. To date, according to Blockchain Capital's latest research report on Bitcoin, the report points out that the proportion of people who have heard of Bitcoin is as high as 89%, an increase of 11% from the previous wave of bitcoin in April 2017. More than one-third of the population agreed to "most people use bitcoin in the next 10 years" and "possibly buy bitcoin in the next five years." Although it is now in a bear market, people's awareness, familiarity, and purchasing propensity for Bitcoin have not been reduced. As the first cryptocurrency with practical value, Bitcoin's pioneering advantages and status have laid an unshakable foundation for large-scale adoption.

Bitcoin's innovation in the next decade

Whether it's the application level or the second-tier network, Bitcoin's development over the past decade and the innovations it brings to financial technology are obvious to us. In the next decade or two, when Bitcoin enters large-scale adoption, some core issues such as mining mode, privacy issues, improvement direction of the agreement, expansion problems, and other currency threats cannot be ignored. As the blockchain technology becomes more mature, the capital market becomes more open and efficient, and open finance is likely to become a new mainstream model. How do bitcoin core developers, communities, and organizations organize the way for Bitcoin's future development and release all the potential of Bitcoin to become the core of this type of financial technology innovation? Welcome to join us and work together to promote Bitcoin's next decade!

The focus of this summit is on accelerating the adoption of Bitcoin, which aims to reaffirm the shared vision of the community and highlights the efforts of individuals and organizations working to advance Bitcoin to rekindle the Bitcoin community.

In addition to keynote speeches, the two-day summit also features industry roundtables, entrepreneurial project showrooms, and a one-month online hackathon. This summit will bring together the elites from all walks of life in the Bitcoin community to pave the way for the development of blockchain business around the world, open a new chapter and make the community gain real benefits. We will make this summit a place where the Bitcoin community gathers and exchanges every year!

About Bitcoin 2019 Sponsorship

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is a representative of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. This summit will provide partners and sponsors with excellent promotional opportunities, especially for Chinese companies. This is a good opportunity to promote brands in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other overseas regions. In-depth exchanges between service providers, capital, and early Bitcoin investors are conducive to exploiting resources and branding. For more details, please visit the official website.

About BTC Inc (early brand name is BTC Media)

BTC Inc. is committed to becoming a practitioner of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries and has been supporting and popularizing the decentralized future. Its products, services and media are dedicated to unlocking people's connections to the open economy and creating value freely.

As the Bitcoin2019 cooperation media, Babbitt will support the summit, sponsorship and cooperation:

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