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Coco, co-founder of

Democracy is falling apart in Turkey, and the lira plunges. The best way for the Turkish people to store their wealth is to take the road to Venezuela – buying bitcoin.

Encrypted currency enthusiast Jeff Morris Jr:

As Bitcoin reached $6,000, everyone started to get excited. We want to remind again that the main application of encryption is still speculative, not to trust the database or governance, or other bells and whistles you read in the white paper.

Speculation is correct. But let's be honest.

Ryan Sean Adams, founder of Mythos Capital :

If you think the software will eat gold, then buy bitcoin.

If you think the software will eat the currency and the entire financial system, then buy Ethereum.

If you want to donate money to Sun Yuchen, then buy the wave field.

Translator: Translate to the laughter…

02 Coinbase co-founder Brian Armstrong:

Coinbase Hosting now supports 30+ digital currency assets.

03SIX Group, the top Swiss stock exchange, launches tokens and IDOs

Mike Dudas, CEO of The Block :

The SIX Group, the top Swiss stock exchange, plans to launch tokens and first digital distribution (IDO). We are now short of the letters between I and O!

Encrypted currency enthusiast James Todaro:

They all say that ICO will die after 2017. This statement is only a part of it.

ICO was only replaced by IDOs like STO, IEO, and now SIX exchanges.

I suspect that the next bubble will be more subtle than 2017, and big players are just waiting for their share.

Translator's Note: According to the original text, IDO also digitizes traditional assets, and is no different from STO.

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