China Photo Group and Xinhuanet launch a copyright service platform based on blockchain technology

According to Xinhua News, China Photo Group and will launch the Xinhua Image Chain, a Chinese image copyright service platform product, in the near future. The platform utilizes blockchain technology to have standardized, integrated and networked features in image copyright digital identification, copyright units or copyright holders for image pricing, copyright retrospective rights protection, content editing and publishing transactions, and image-related customization services. At the same time, the platform can carry out personalized and customized services according to the specific conditions of the participants, and the products involve all aspects of the image-related industry chain. It is reported that China Photo Group is a direct unit of Xinhua News Agency. It is a national-level photo agency and an important external communication agency for national image culture. This time, we will join hands with to jointly explore new technologies, establish new mechanisms for image copyrights and new market rules, safeguard the seriousness and fairness of copyright market services, and promote the prosperity and development of the cultural industry.