Why do bitcoin miners have a few days of sorrow every month?

Why do bitcoin miners have a few days of sorrow every month?

A few days ago, I was still working, taking out the Bitcoin wallet, recharging the exchange and selling the coins. This month, mining has posted 0.325BTC, and I really saw the ghost.

The Americans have a tax free day to count how many days the Americans will use in a year to earn the tax they need to pay. After the tax free day, the job really worked for himself, and the money earned was put in his pocket.

The tax burden on Americans is that Americans really live in a deep-water day. Basically, it is not until April that they can earn the tax they have to pay to the country. In other words, Americans have to work for the country for more than a third of the time.

We also set a free day for electricity mining. Each month, the coins produced by the mining need to be sold a portion to pay for the electricity bill. The electricity free day is a month in the statistics, how many days of mining output need to be sold, used to pay for electricity, and then in the remaining days, the digging coins are owned by the miners. Only when the miners have reached the free day of electricity, can they earn money.

I have a few hundred mine S9 mining machines. I am a miner, which is much more painful than American taxpayers. American taxpayers only need to work for the country for one-third of the time.

I have hundreds of mine machines, and the electricity fee is free, basically around the 25th of every month. You can also dig for less than 10 days a day. More than two-thirds of the time is the mining day, and less than one-third of the time is the free day of electricity.

At the moment I bought the mining machine, I calculated it. Wow, the free day of the electricity bill was actually around the 15th. At that time, mining was really cool. The value of the mining machine, the price of electricity is free, and the currency is still rising.

Now my mine machine, the electricity fee free day is around the 20th, thank you for the rise in the price of the currency.

The free electricity day is mainly affected by three factors: the power consumption of the mining machine and the electricity bill; the net computing power and the currency price. The lower the power consumption, the cheaper the electricity bill, the higher the currency price, the lower the power of the whole network, and the sooner the electricity fee free day will arrive. The first two factors are that miners can pick a better mining machine and negotiate with the mine to influence it. The latter two factors, just look at the day to eat.

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