The Yingying network real controller was detained and the blockchain block chain division was established.

According to financial reports, the operating company of the "Blue Moon Legend" game, Yingying Network, announced yesterday that the company received the "Notice Letter" sent by the family of the real controller, Mr. Wang Yue, whose family member recently received the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. The "Notice of Detention", Wang Yue was criminally detained by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau for allegedly manipulating the securities market. At the beginning of last year, when the blockchain was at the cusp, Wang Yue announced the establishment of the Blockchain Business Unit to negotiate with the heroes to negotiate the investment in the blockchain project. However, from the last year's annual report, the word "blockchain" appeared only four times, once in the company's platform business, and three times in the company's platform business development plan. The blockchain construction has not seen significant progress.