Market Analysis: On May 8th, the bookmaker is uncertain, and he is a rational little fan.


The big cake attacked 6000 points in the second round yesterday, the second round up the maximum 6025, the second callback, a direct round of waterfall killing, the whole operation in the expected range, early news, the currency claimed to have stolen 7000 BTC In response to this incident, no matter how many times such incidents have been experienced in the past, the true and false holidays are only known to the parties, and they do not make too many comments. From the technical deduction, a point of view said yesterday, the second round of attack, breakthrough 6000, to directly kill a wave of long, the first round of direct waterfall, the second round of news waterfall, basically can already market the market Single KO, the market once again returned to calm.

In the later analysis, the former brothers had to go to the air, and the same operation path has been repeated many times. The market retail psychology may not follow. Therefore, from the psychological reversal of the retail investors, the market expectation is also in line with the news transmitted by the organization. From the hourly chart, the market is currently a rising trend of the wave, which is currently the lower track of the Bollinger Band. It is temporarily a small opening. The upper resistance can be referenced near 5930. From the daily bargaining chip, our consistent thinking can be changed. The deviation of the price and price is not only a bubble, but also when there is a short-selling downside. For the current mixed news, the variables are large. the Lord. The grasp of the day can pay attention to the pressure level breakthrough of 5910-5930.


The ether is the artillery of this 6,000-pound attack on the big pie. After the first battle, it basically retreats from the protagonist's aura. Generally, the non-royal attack is a time problem. The dealer sees the chip volume in place. That is to change the disk. Don't feel unfair, any investment market is the same, the natural survival of the fittest, the big chipholders sitting on the village, this is what it deserves, the retail investors can only adapt to the market, survive in the cracks, and expand their own chips until they can The dealer, with a wrench wrist. As time goes by, the scope of Zhuang control will gradually decrease. Even when the average level of retail investors reaches a certain stage, they can directly kill Zhuang and kill Zhuang. Cases of stock market failures are everywhere, from billions of dollars in value, overnight evaporation.

Returning to the market of the ether, from the current hourly chart trend, the market has pulled up from the original straight line, and has gone out of the downward trend. The market's early detection has a certain divergence, but the rebound will not be too strong, the market expectation A small amount of rushing, you can take advantage of the situation, expected reasonable points can refer to 172 or more, at the same time, in yesterday's article, has clearly given 180 direct dry, this empty order can continue to hold. Stop loss is adjusted to 175, making risk-free investment.


The ideas given by Ruibo have not changed. The size of the village is large. From the retail to the village, the number of opinions is too large. It is difficult to unify the opinions. There will always be a large number of cash rises, but there is not enough market confidence, and the market is difficult to continue up. Only the upswing after the Great Falls will have enough strength to reach the peak.


Obviously, BCH is very likely to follow the trend, from the trend of the original BTC to the trend of the hot bar. The prince mainly depends on whether the spicy bar can break the position 72, and the prince is converted to the oscillating interval between 272 and 300. Before the spicy bar is not activated, the market is expected to oscillate within this large interval, and the spicy bar starts to follow the direction.


Grapefruit, yesterday gave 5.1 dry space, but unfortunately there is no pin in place, it is the limit of the pending order operation, this is the technical face deduction, random market and non-random market conversion process, often face a situation, the core is still insisting on iron Law, I missed not doing wrong, the past is the past, only summing up the past, not regretting the past, the courage is not big, really want to review this, why not go to buy sports lottery yesterday, 2 dollars for a hundred million.

The hourly market level, from yesterday's market has begun to return to the short main line, but obviously there is no previous compression trend, only the compression of the chip yesterday, the compression of the K line still takes time, the comprehensive grapefruit needs to oscillate for a while, out of the triangle This is the most reasonable trend expected. Of course, we must also look at the performance of the pioneer, is it able to prop up the girders. In operation, the pressure level is within the day, 4.91.


Pioneer is about to start, from the initial perfect downward trend, the market is out of the downward pressure on the upside, the market is out of a wave of shocks. At this time, as long as you pay attention to the neckline support below 72, once broken, Pioneer will take the lead to open the mad mode, of course There are preconditions, 72 support effectively fell below. Consider the 72-80 volatility range before it falls below.

Quote summary

The trend of the big pie yesterday was mainly to manipulate the psychology of the retail investors, including the promotion of the news, pushing the overall short-selling sentiment to the top. However, due to the same means many times, the same news to press the plate, the effect may not be too big, this time, retail investors do not necessarily follow the trend, as Zhuang is violent cash out of cost, perhaps its own deliberately take the amount of 7000, with the past similar It is also taking this aspect into consideration.

Generally speaking, there is a psychology master in the currency circle, plus an actuary. The retail investors should be higher at this time. When they are difficult to do, they will retreat. Why bother to fight the price of the big cake 6000 price, unconditional certification It is one of the basic qualities of retail investors. It may be more difficult to listen to. Individuals are retail investors. They are often acquainted. They cannot see through the market or do not work. When the market is clear, they are bold. Trading is nothing more than this, cherish the chips in your hands, and easily consume it when the market is uncertain. After the market is determined, it will quickly stand and profit will not be a problem. Secondly, the etheric 180 given by the article yesterday is directly dry, and the Prince 300 is empty. Follow up, make a trailing stop loss, and lower the stop loss below your cost line, so that your empty orders can sit back and relax. Risky profitable trading.

Author: Wang Shanghai coins