Under the double black swan, where is the coin circle?

According to the official announcement of the currency security, the currency security exchange discovered a large-scale security vulnerability, and the hacker was able to obtain a large number of user API keys, 2FA codes and other possible information to steal the cryptocurrency. At 17:15:24 on May 7, the hacker stole 7,000 bitcoins from the coin-hot wallet at block height 575012. The currency said that the transaction was the only transaction affected. According to the currency security announcement, due to security breaches, it takes about one week for the currency security to conduct a thorough security check. During this period, the recharge and withdrawal will be suspended to ensure that the trading market is not affected. Some authoritative sources said that the stolen incident of the currency will bring more censorship to the currency circle. In addition, the three major indexes of US stocks fell sharply last night. The current stock market has been like a stunned bird. A slight sell-off has occurred. It has been affected by the black swan and external factors. The market has fallen overall. It is not clear whether it will be How deep is the impact, but it is best not to break the position, otherwise it will enter a long time adjustment.


BTC quickly fell back after breaking the pressure on the track line. Assuming that the target fell again and fell below the support level of $5,700, the target is a fake break that really falls below the trend. The $5,600 may not be effectively supported and may be further down. In the lower rail position of the track line, in principle, the gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall. Now the global capital market is in a turbulent period. How much influence on the currency circle is still unknown. It is recommended that everyone be vigilant and prudent.


The rise of ETH is always so unsatisfactory. When I get out of the hand, I encounter a double black swan. Now I am doing a post-breakback stepping action. After the black swan event, if I step back and not break the position, the big probability will be restarted. The uptrend is not pessimistic about the subject. From the daily level, the current currency price is also above all the moving averages. The daily-level macd indicator is above the zero-axis, the golden fork, the 5th and the 10th average, and the first target is maintained. The view of $185 is unchanged, and the defense is good. If you fall back below the downward pressure line, you will test the support at $150.


The recent trend of BTC has always been that it doesn't hurt or love it. It has been hovering around the low point. The attention of funds is not high. At present, we have not seen such signs. We still recommend that everyone wait and see. Standing on the important pressure of 0.32 US dollars, if you kneel down for a long time, there is a risk of falling, and if you hit a new low, the downside will open.


BCH is still in the flag-like finishing structure, and it is not yet a support that effectively falls below $285. Because the whole process of decline is shrinking, further observation is needed. Mainly should refer to the trend of BTC and ETH. If the two major targets are stable, the probability of the target is no problem. If the two targets fall again, the target may fall to the lower limit of the channel line.


EOS was once again back to the support of 4.8 US dollars due to the influence of the market. At present, there is no broken position. It is still based on BTC and ETH. The two companies are stable and everyone is stabilizing. These two are falling. Everyone is broken and loses 4.8 dollars. Will once again look back at the support of 4.4 US dollars, this is the starting point of this round of rising, the point can not fall, the loss of the point, means that the current round of the target market is over, will not rise again, above The pressure is at 5.2 US dollars, and it is possible to actively break through this point.


The market value of LTC dropped to the sixth place and was overtaken by EOS. From the perspective of the daily level, the 5-day moving average of the target once again turned into a downward pressure, falling below the support level of $75, and there was a trend of double bottoming. Pay attention to the risks.


BNB has fallen sharply. You can attribute it to the impact of the theft. But we think that the main reason is that the BNB that we have been talking about before has signs of capital flight, and then pull it up again after the currency price hits below $20. We believe that this long shadow line formed by the time-sharing level will be compensated by the physical Yinxian. For this target, it is mainly based on the risk. If it is a dishwashing, it will quickly rise above $23 to prevent you from licking the bottom. The chip, we believe that the probability of shipment is much greater than the wash.

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