Pan Weicheng founder Chen Weixing invested, Hummingbird mining machine released new hummingbird C7

The mining machine has become an important entry point for participating in the cryptocurrency market. From performance to positioning, the new generation of mining machines has achieved greater breakthroughs in competitiveness, and the Hummingbird Mining Machine is one of them. The Hummingbird Mining Machine was invested by Mr. Chen Weixing, the founder of the famous investor Pancheng Capital, and the team of first-class technical experts from the industry lasted for 7 months. The first mining machine reached the level of the first-line mining machine. The release of this product is an important measure for Chen Weixing to realize the “creation of encrypted digital economy infrastructure”.

On May 8th, Hummingbird's first high-performance bitcoin mining machine "Hummingbird C7" officially landed on the official website for pre-sale, comprehensive performance benchmarking industry first-line mining machine technology level, let us know the mining machine performance in detail.


Core positioning

First, comprehensive performance leading mining machine

In recent years, the mining machine chip has been continuously improved in terms of circuit structure and low-power technology, and the requirements for system stability and comprehensive performance are getting higher and higher. Hummingbird Mining C7 adopts self-developing 10nm chip, and has many core technology patents in heat dissipation and algorithm. Compared with existing mining machines, the integration degree is high and the heat dissipation effect is better.

Second, ultra low power mining machine

Hummingbird has a technical team consisting of first-class chip research and development experts and embedded software and hardware technology experts at home and abroad. It has experience in software and hardware R&D and production process control. When the core indicators are achieved, the performance of the whole machine is optimal. The consumption ratio is as low as 53W/T.

Third, the super power mining machine

The Hummingbird server product launched on the basis of Hummingbird C7 is an integrated solution for mine capacity expansion. The server is equivalent to opening 3 mining machines at the same time, achieving 3 times super high computing power, stereoscopic appearance, detachable, saving and efficient, helping the mine to realize a large expansion of computing power, so that space creates more value.

Fourth, high quality service mining machine

The Hummingbird team has been cultivating the semiconductor and smart chip industry for many years, and has optimized the details of the mining machine in many aspects. Hummingbird selects the world's leading electronics manufacturing service providers and partners, combining strength, quality assurance and lower cost.

The performance of the mining machine is crucial for mining efficiency, and the Hummingbird C7 is also very competitive in terms of performance:

C7 basic parameters

(1) Chip process: 10nm (2) Maximum calculation power: 37T (-5%~5%) (3) Wall power consumption (W): 1961 (0~15%) (4) Appearance bare metal size (mm) ): 465 * 127.6 * 197.6 (5) with power supply integrated machine design (6) working conditions temperature: 0-40 ° C

C7 product shape


The C7 is designed with an all-in-one machine and the power supply is fixed directly above the mining machine. The structure is stable, the shape is simple, and space is saved. In addition, the Hummingbird C7 uses a new high-power power supply to effectively ensure the stability of the mining machine. Operating temperature: 0°C-40°C Operating humidity: 10%RH-90%RH, non-condensing network connection: Ethernet

Purchase route:

Log in to the Hummingbird Mines official website to order the purchase of the website, . Welcome to pay attention to the "Hummingbird Mining Machine" public number and master the latest developments of the Hummingbird Mining Machine.

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