Analysis of the market: the stolen and false is not known, the bad panic has formed

In the past 24 hours, BTC rose to a high of around 6028 US dollars, the lowest callback to 5,772 US dollars near the rebound, BTC broke through the 6000 US dollar mark, but the flow of funds in the past seven days began to show signs of net outflow, signs of deviation. On the whole, BTC's position of breaking through 6,000 US dollars seems to be all right, but the stock of funds in the market is limited, and it does not have the conditions for continuous rebound. The market outlook is still continuing to fluctuate or oscillate downwards, in view of the constant test of 6000 US dollars. Location, there is a possibility of lure, so the market is likely to have a large level of callback.

BTC is currently trading at 5,889 US dollars. The callback is volatile. The upper pressure is around 6000 6200 USD. The lower support is around 5600 5400 USD. It has been oscillating in the near future. After the night high, it was adjusted back and the volume dropped. In the morning, it was the currency. BTC After falling back to the 5,800 dollars, the market rebounded. The market should not fall, the bearish disk is repaired, the top deviation is serious, and the callback trend is increasing. The possibility of pulse high is not ruled out in the callback. Operational recommendations: small positions to wait and see, can be short at appropriate high.

The current price of ETH is 169 US dollars. The upper pressure is around 180 185 US dollars. The lower support is around 165 150 US dollars. After the stretch, the independent trend is lifted. The current BTC is the main link. The rebound is rapid and rapid, and the wait-and-see is the main.

BCH is currently 284 US dollars, the upper pressure is around 300 330 US dollars, the lower support is around 275 230 US dollars, the recent weak shocks, the previous profitable disk more, if there is no obvious positive after the market big probability callback, the fork will be close to see if Borrow this and do things again.

EOS is currently trading at 4.86 US dollars. The upper pressure is around 5.2 6 US dollars. The lower support is around 4.6 4 US dollars. It is currently oscillating between 4.7 and 5 US dollars. Linking BTC trend, it can be high and low in the appropriate range.

The current price of LTC is 74 US dollars. There is pressure near 80 85 US dollars. There is support near 70 66 USD. The BTC is linked to the previous period. Once the BTC calls back LTC, it can be short-selling. The low position can be ambushed early.

In the morning, the news that the 8000BTC was stolen again after the newsletter exchange was issued, the BTC rebounded quickly after a 4% rebound. It happened that the last time it was stolen was 7000BTC. Didn’t the last time it was stolen? It’s doubtful that it’s really stolen. The same pit has been repeatedly used to make the face of the self-defense technology tough. It’s true that theft is a fake opportunity to engage in things!

Other currencies can refer to the BTC trend. At present, the BTC has repeatedly fluctuated, and the callback risk is high. The altcoin currency suggests to reduce the position on the rallies, beware of deep sets.

Source: Child Chess