Security agency: MakerDAO old governance contract with security risks and $1.4 million in assets to be transferred

According to PeckShield situational awareness platform data, 00:25 am Beijing time on May 07, 00:25 MakerDAO was exposed to security breaches in the governance contract. As of 2:00 pm on May 08, 128 users have transferred MKR assets to them as recommended. Personal wallet, but there are still 32 users who hold more than 1MKR have not transferred. At the price of the day, the balance of the assets to be transferred is approximately $1.4 million. PeckShield security personnel further analyzed that the MKR tokens pledged in the old MakerDAO governance contract are unsafe and there is a possibility of being locked. PeckShield is now fully equipped with possible attack monitoring and warning, and is synchronizing details with MakerDAO and other related companies. At the same time, once again, users who have not transferred MKR tokens should immediately transfer assets to avoid unnecessary losses.