Twitter featured: Coin's stolen 7000 bitcoin; EOS 4 billion dollars went "tracked"

01 coin security was stolen 7000 btc, how do you see the big V?

Reason: Today, the currency issued an announcement, the exchange found a large-scale loophole, the hacker stole 7,000 bitcoins (worth 40 million US dollars) from the hot wallet, the currency said it would use the SAFU fund (coin investor protection fund) Compensation for all losses, user funds are not affected.

For a time, Twitter had a wide discussion on this incident. First, Sun Yuchen, CEO of the "hot spot" wave field, which is ubiquitous in the currency circle, said, "If CZ agrees, I will personally deposit 7,000 btc equivalent dollars ($40 million) to increase BNB, BTC, TRX and BTT."

The CEO of the currency security expressed gratitude for this behavior, saying that there is no need for it. "We have enough SAFU funds to make up for the losses. We have suffered serious losses, but we are not bankrupt. We are working hard to solve this problem so that everyone can access the digital currency as soon as possible. We need some time."

In response to a tweet suggestion to reinstate stolen funds through reorganization, Dovey Wan said, “Why hackers only transfer bitcoin (there are other digital assets in the user's account) because of the (stolen) 7,000 bitcoin transactions. Once it is determined, it guarantees its ownership. This is a fascinating place for the Bitcoin system. If the EOS is stolen, it may roll back the transaction through 21 verification node arbitration."

Software analyst Vijay Boyapati has a unique perspective, suggesting that the bull market has come, "In the bear market, good news is not important; in the bull market, bad news is not important (think China prohibits bitcoin transactions in the bull market). Concerned about the stolen money Bitcoin's reaction."

Note: Bitcoin prices have experienced a short-term decline after the announcement of the stolen news. As of now, the price of Bitcoin has remained at $5,900, which is only less than $100 before the release of the stolen news.

02 CZ claims to raise legal fees for people who are CSW lawsuits

A few hours before the money was stolen, CZ launched a vote on its Twitter, saying that "CW is picking up those who are facing difficulties in legal fees. Let's make a charity plan. How do you feel about raising legal fees from the community to help anyone who is being CSW litigated?

As of now, two-thirds of the votes voted for "donation support," and one-third of the vote chose "to let csw continue to bully people."

Sun Yuchen and Bitcoin Jesus pushed for approval. Sun Yuchen replied that “will donate”, Bitcoin Jesus replied “Good idea! I will also mark CSW in this tweet, but scammers and fraudsters like him will stop those who tell the truth.”

However, Peter McCormack , who was sued by the CW lawsuit, rejected CZ's proposal , saying, "I really don't think people should donate their hard-earned bitcoins to my fund. I am involved and I decide what to do." In addition, the cost of fighting CSW may be higher than expected."

03 The block founder called to "track" the founder of EOS

Mike Dudas, founder and CEO of The block:

I won't allow EOS founders to get $4 billion for free, I will track each of them: BM, Brockpierce, Brendan Blumer, the block will track others. Fund tracking is easy, and we must explain it before we expose it.

04 Coindesk Media News

1. Alibaba subsidiary Ant Financial participated in the $10 million financing of blockchain privacy startup Qeditzkp and is using the company's technology.

2. Starbucks plans to use Microsoft's blockchain services to provide consumers and farmers with more data about their coffee products.

On this issue: March only hope

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