Analysis: The LEO issuer is not Bitfinex, and the privately-sold can't sell the currency belongs to Bitfinex.

Trader AlbertTheKing sent an analysis of the white paper published by Bitfinex today. There are several important interpretations: 1. The white paper is not legally binding; 2. It emphasizes that investment in LEO may be losing money; 3. The white paper has public BFX profits, but all figures All are unaudited. Moreover, the main body of the LEO is not Bitfinex or iFinex, but a newly established company. In order to clarify the responsibilities of BFX, if LEO investors have any problems in the future, they will not affect BFX/iFinex. . In addition, the newly established company has limited assets; 4. Bitfinex is not sure whether to get back the frozen $850 million; 5. The issuer is pricing each token is 1usdt, but may decide to sell it to different people at different prices; 5. The issuer will issue 1 billion tokens, but if the private placements are not sold out, the remaining tokens will also be BFX, and BFX will decide at its own discretion at what price; 6. White Paper on the repurchase period The description is not permanent, but conditional, repurchase until no tokens are in commercial circulation (LEO without commercial circulation).