The data shows that the stolen money has affected the BTC price, and investors need to be alert to short-term fluctuation risks.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 18:00 at May 8th , the BTC price was 5586.47USDT , which was smaller than the data of the same period yesterday. The 30- day RSI index was 53.31 , which was in the normal range. After the incident of the money stolen in the morning, the minimum price of BTC was 5,785.29 USDT , and directly fed back to the futures: the overall futures market opened a large number of orders, the gap between long and short power narrowed, and Bitfinex showed a short uptrend. Strong, BitMEX shows an increase in short- selling orders, market sentiment is more obvious, investors need to be alert to short-term fluctuations.