May 8th analysis: amazing and consistent hacking market

A talk currency:

BNB was stolen 7,000 BTCs, causing market volatility, which is strikingly consistent with the previous two BTC stolen fundamentals. Akong believes that this will lead to a staged top of the market, and BNB will have a sharp oversold rebound.

Around 7.4 days last year, BNB was exploding API vulnerabilities, and hackers stormed SYS attacks to cash in 80 million. Then BTC made a big dip, setting a stage low.

From the hourly line, the amount of BTC continued to weaken, the price of the currency continued to rise, and then confirmed the top divergence trend. At this time, the hacker was stolen, BNB fell sharply, and then the V-shaped rebound.

The time was pushed forward for 4 months. At that time, the BTC experienced a historical fluctuation, which was greatly increased from 6,000 US dollars to 12,000 US dollars. Above is the M position formed by the highest point of the 17-year bull market. The price of the currency is at the trend selection point.

At this time, the BTC shrinks to the top, the amount can continue to weaken, MACD completes the top divergence trend, 3.7 days suddenly broke out hacking BNB control 10000 BTC, then the market plunged weakly, BNB fell sharply, out of the V-word rebound.

BNB has gradually occupied the market since last year and has become the world's largest spot platform. Every move has a key impact on the currency market. You will find that BNB is the leading currency of platform currency. Platform currency is the leading hotspot of small currency, last time 4200 The US dollar suddenly surged higher, leading the two platforms, one is the big B network, and the other is the BNB.

You can see that every time BNB is stolen, it will usher in a staged market. There are striking similarities in market technology and fundamentals, which are consistent with such characteristics.

1: BTC confirms the top deviation trend

2: The small coins continue to fall

3: Market trading volume continues to weaken, lacking hot spots

4: The overall market has been continuously pulled up

And after the hacker was announced to be stolen, the BNB would fall sharply, and then a V-shaped rebound would trigger the plunge.

Why every time there is a stolen coincidence, many people point out that BNB is self-stealing. Akong feels that this possibility is not great, because there is no need to use the platform's credibility to play games, and the handling fee can already be fully consumed. However, it is possible for the main funds to operate in advance by understanding the hacking actions in advance.

Then at this node, BNB bursts out of the platform and locks the coin, which will lead to the next step of the main fund.

The $5,750-$6000 will be a key point for long and short positions, and the two-day trend is crucial for the market.

Akong believes that the small currency will continue the weak market, but compared with the previous hacking market, BNB will have a short-term oversold rebound opportunity, which can be focused.


Bitcoin's computing power plummeted 88% because of the sale of 100,000 BTCs. Akong believes that whether it is from the trading platform, IE0 hotspots or from the perspective of miners, this round of pull-ups is large enough and there is a sharp retreat. The space at the bottom.

Last time I talked, the BTC did not have much room for growth. According to the rallies of $6,150, the BTC would fall sharply. Once the USDT price rises, the BTC will fall sharply. At present, the USDT starts to rebound and the BNB platform is locked in a large amount of funds. The key support is there.

The price of the currency will fluctuate widely around 5750. Only the volume will fall below 5,750 US dollars to confirm the trend of the M line on the daily line and completely enter the short market.

Akong believes that these two days can be operated according to the shock market, with high throws and low sucks, preferring to sort out the trend.

Short-term confirmation of the top back from the bottom of the bottom, the small apex reduced, then BTC shocked at $ 5,915.

Resistance level: 5915, 5955, 6000

Support level: 5857, 5833, 5781


Yesterday, Akong talked about the EOS against the BTC continued to fall, there was a clear outflow of funds, the price of the currency fell below 4.89 US dollars, to shock the bottom.

The amount can continue to weaken, indicating that the trend will continue, the currency price enters the triangle convergence phase, and the bottom support level is tested.

Below the 4.76 US dollars multiple pin rebound, once the volume fell below 4.76 US dollars will form a short-term rapid bottoming trend.

Akong believes that EOS will be accompanied by BTC to make a shock consolidation, waiting for the BTC to change.

Next EOS was shocked at $4.95.

Resistance level: 4.95, 4.99, 5.11

Support level: 4.81, 4.75, 4.57


The price of the currency weakened at the beginning of the $183, and fell into a falling market.

The upper 172.7 US dollars is the multi-headed neckline position formed on the 5.6th day. It is close to the small M-head position above. It is the key point of the current ETH rebound. As long as there is no heavy volume increase and break through 172.7 US dollars, the price of the currency will continue to explore.

The small vertices continue to decrease, and the price of the currency is put on a short selling pressure. The amount can continue to weaken, indicating that the currency price is still in a volatile trend.

Next ETH was flat at $168.5.

Resistance levels: 172.7, 175.2, 177.5

Support level: 168.5, 165.3, 162.5


The currency price showed a clear weak trend. Akong talked about LTC as the wind vane of the mainstream currency yesterday, and did not accompany the BTC against the trend, indicating that the market lacks incremental funds.

The LTC's small apex is gradually reduced, and the bottom support is tested. As long as there is no heavy volume falling below $71.6, the volatility will continue.

The quantity can continue to weaken, indicating that the currency price is still in a volatile trend, and the operation can be lighten up.

Next, LTC oscillated at $75.2.

Resistance level: 75.2, 76.3, 79.2

Support level: 72.7, 71.8, 70.4


The currency price did not accompany the mainstream currency, and it fluctuated sharply. It began to stabilize and remained flat. Akong last talked about BCH as the small currency wind vane, which is very crucial for the breakthrough.

The amount can continue to weaken, indicating that the currency price is still in a volatile trend.

Only if the volume falls below 270.8 dollars, can we break the shock pattern and enter a new round of decline.

Akong believes that the current BCH will continue the shock trend, the operation of the spot in accordance with the key points high throw low, rallies to lighten up.

Short-term zero-axis down, followed by BCH289.3 shock consolidation.

Resistance level: 289.3, 295.7, 308.2

Support level: 280.4, 270.5, 266.3