The Trusted Blockchain Promotion Program officially released the BaaS standard

On May 7, the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion Plan”) held its third plenary meeting in Nanjing. The meeting was supported by the China Information and Communication Research Institute and other units. At the meeting, the promotion plan officially released the BaaS standard "Trusted Blockchain: Blockchain Service Technology Reference Framework", security standards "Trusted Blockchain: Blockchain Security Evaluation Indicators" and "Blockchain Telecom Industry Application" The three latest research results of the White Paper. Subsequently, the plan to promote the newly established supply chain collaborative application project team, as well as open source benchmarks, standards and evaluation, blockchain security, BaaS, intellectual property, traceability, supply chain finance, telecommunications, judicial deposit, legal research, insurance, etc. The heads of the two project teams reported in detail on the progress of each group and the next planning.