Security company: 7,04 BTCs have been transferred by hackers to 7 major new addresses

According to PeckShield digital asset escort system data, yesterday, May 8th, at 22:35, the 7074 BTCs that were stolen from the hot money wallet of the Clearance Exchange appeared multiple times, and the hackers will be among the previous 20 addresses. The address balances are aggregated and the funds are uniformly transferred to the 7 new addresses at the beginning of bc1q2rdpy, 16SMGihY9, 1MNwMURYw, 16SMGihY9, bc1qnf2ja, bc1qx3628, bc1q3a5hd, of which the first 6 addresses have 1060 BTCs respectively, and the last address is transferred to 707 BTCs. In addition to other small addresses, the 7074 BTCs that were stolen in this currency have been basically transferred.