May 8 madman market analysis: speculation is du Bo or investment in the end how to do it right?

May 8 madman market analysis: speculation is du Bo or investment in the end how to do it right?

Market analysis
Ginger is still old, the old bitcoin and the second child of Ethereum account for 65% of the total value of the digital currency, and other digital currencies only account for 35%, which means that most of the other thousands of digital currencies are not recognized by investors, the market value After the 100th place, the total market value does not exceed 1%. This data is far more than the ICO crazy in 2017. When Bitcoin is at the high point, Bitcoin Ethereum only accounts for 30%, and the small coin accounts for 70% of the market value. At the time of the most bear market in 2015, Bitcoin Ethereum accounted for 80%, and small coins only accounted for 20% of the market value. Of course, there were no ICOs in 2015 and there were not so many messy coins. Bitcoin naturally accounted for the overwhelming majority. This and now It can't be compared. Therefore, the current market bitcoin ratio is still high, and the market sentiment has not fallen to the bottom. From this data, Bitcoin has a large callback space in the coming months.

In the short term, there is not much to say. The 5-day line method still works. Today, the amount can be reduced compared with yesterday. The upswing is not as good as the wave. The indicator deviates from the deviation. The sharp correction is only a matter of time. Miss, don't make a mistake. The stop loss profit level can be set on the 5 day line.


Today, the market fluctuated sharply, the market was under severe pressure, and the quantity continued to be effectively amplified. In the short term, Ethereum was still dominated by shocks, and it was possible to link Bitcoin downwards at any time.


Continue to bottom shock, the amount can not be effectively amplified, and will not participate.


Continued weakness and decline, no money-making effect, will continue to fall back near the 60-day line.


Bitcoin's computing power has been greatly reduced. It is suspected that a large number of mining machines have been sold. This shows that everyone has been worried about cash outflows, so BCH will not touch it for the time being. It is well known that Bitcoin holds a large number of BCHs. If necessary, 砸BCH It is one of the fastest ways to realize.


Today, a small rebound, the amount of energy is insufficient, not a strong, the recent 30-day line has been suppressing EOS, do not break before watching the rest.


Still oscillating in the down channel, if the trend does not change, then do not play, when there is a bottoming reversal signal, and then buy.

The price of USDT has rebounded and returned to normal. The thunderstorm has come to an end. Trump has to go up as long as he continues to pick things up. Once this positive expectation stops, the fall of Bitcoin will begin. Today, the market is still dominated by Bitcoin. The mainstream currency has completely rested. This morbid market has lasted for nearly three weeks. When the USDT plunged halfway, everyone went up a bit, and the rest of the time was not falling. This is enough to explain the direction the market wants to choose, so the madman believes that the callback is only a matter of time.

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