Market Analysis: Can the bulls withstand the impact of the turmoil in the capital market?

The US intends to raise the tariff of 200 billion US dollars of Chinese exports to the United States from 10% to 25% on May 10. The trade war is escalating soon. Don't forget that the Meng Zhouzhou incident has not yet resulted. The US House of Representatives recently passed a The Taiwan-related bills are only for the ultimate crush. At that time, China will definitely take corresponding countermeasures. The trade war is likely to escalate. Now US stocks are at historically high levels and have risen for ten years. It will surely cause turmoil in the global capital market.

We believe that the current currency market should not be excessively pessimistic, because the long form of BTC and ETH has not been destroyed, so the market may have another ability to attack.


The BTC is still above the upper trajectory, and there is a tendency to attack further upwards. The 5 antennas are kept up, the moving averages are long, the trend is upward, and there is a possibility of a $6,200. The biggest uncertainty is the trade war. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of defense. Once again, if the price falls below 5,850 dollars, the small double head will be established and the trend will be downward.


ETH quickly stepped up after stepping down the pressure line. The current price of the coin is also above all the moving averages. The daily-level macd indicator is on the zero-axis above the gold fork, the long form is intact, and the 5th and 10th are the same amount of gold. Fork, once again breaking through $175, it is possible to pull out the big Yangxian line at any time, temporarily maintaining the first target at 185 US dollars. If you do a good job of defense, you will fall back below the downward pressure line and will test the support at 150 US dollars.


XRP has been hovering near the low point, and the attention of funds is not high. It is recommended to wait and see. The target does not have an important pressure of 0.32 US dollars. If it is squatting for a long time, there is a risk of further decline. If it hits a new low, it will fall. turn on.


BCH is still oscillating above 285 US dollars. Under the current situation, everything has to look at the face of the boss's second child. As long as the two targets are not broken, the risk of other targets is actually very small. The target has been shrinking. Volume, the volume is shrinking is almost the same, and will soon choose the direction, we believe that the probability of breaking above the upper rail is high, may once again test the pressure of 346.5 US dollars, below 285 US dollars may be again down the channel line The support of the lower rail.


EOS once again stood above 4.8 US dollars, the transaction volume is slightly lacking, and then it may attack 5.2 US dollars. The pressure on the top is strong. If you want to pass this position, you need the cooperation of the volume, and then fall below 4.8 USD again. Go back to the long last line of defense of $4.4.


After the LTC broke through the downward pressure line, it oscillated. The 5-day moving average of the target once again turned into a downward pressure, and the risk of the second bottoming was not lifted. After standing at 75 dollars, it could rise to the pressure of 83 dollars.


Regarding BNB, we still have that view. The model currency has come to an end. The target has already risen in the urban area, and with the signs of the capital fleeing, although it is currently holding an important support level of $20, we believe that this lower shadow is still To compensate with the physical Yinxian, once again falling below 20 US dollars, may accelerate the decline, pay attention to the risk, it should also be noted that if the target accelerates down, BTC and ETH react.

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